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A Musical Holiday Tradition

A History of Nonsense

This all started in 2008 as a party for friends to see each other after being gone for the winter holidays. And now here we are.Β 

In 2008 two St. Louis theatre nerds planned a get-together for friends returning from visiting their families during the winter break.Β 

We had all the makings of a good party: Musicals, Games of all sorts, a white elephant gift exchange to trade away the weird crap our families gave us because they didn’t know who we were or what we liked, and of course, cake.

The two planners of this party became friends after bonding over their shared fandom of Drew Sarich so the cake had a picture of Drew Sartich on it (because why not), and so it became known as “Drewmas” – see, totally normal.

Days Until Drewmas

Technically, Drewmas is on January 6th,
but in 2020 the founders agreed it should be celebrated on the first Saturday after January 6th.
but thenΒ 
in 2023, some regular participants had the nerve to have an annual conflict that weekend so for now Drewmas is mostly going to be the 2nd Saturday in January. But if purists would like to celebrate it on January 6th, and the following Saturday, and the2nd Saturday, don’t let anyone stop you, you listen to musicals and eat cake whenever you want πŸ˜€


So, in, 2024, Drewmas will be celebrated on Saturday, January 13th








Drewmas Schedule

There is no official schedule from year to year but celebrations typically include games, musicals, white elephant gift exchange, and the likeness of Drew Sarich on something edible.


Event Details

Date: Saturday, January 13th,2022
Time: 10am EST – 10pm EST
Schedule: Schedule in Progress.


Participate Online

Zoom: Join the Zoom (1/13/24 only)
Discord: Join the Server
(link expires 1/17/2024)
Facebook: Facebook Event


Participate In Person

Date: Saturday, January 13th,2023
Time: 10am EST – 10pm EST
Location: Syracuse


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Board & Card games!

We’ll have a dozen games to choose from but if you have a favorite game you should bring it to share!


WTF Gift Exchange

This should be a gift you received or have sitting around that you don’t want. If you do not have a gift lying around you should spend less than $20.

Hybrid Activities

Online Games

Musical-theatre-themed Codenames, Drawful, Quiplash 2, and more!

Musical Theatre Puzzle Book

It’s going to take all of our combined knowledge to solve these puzzles so let’s work together!

Online Activities

YouTube Playlist

There’s a playlist of YouTube videos including musical episodes & scenes that can be watched any time!


Stream Musicals

After several years of trial and error, people should just plan to stream/play musicals from their own devices when joining remotely! πŸ™‚

Support Theatre & Performers

You can’t celebrate Drewmas if you don’t support theatre and performers!

Below are some places you can donate or spend money
(also, obviously you can buy tickets to your local theaters & Broadway shows).